How to Flatten Wavy Veneers

with Robert Fabris


The mix I use is 4 parts water, 2 parts Glycerine (which you can get from the supermarket) and 1 part Methylated Spirits. This is placed in a plastic spray bottle for ease of use.


Spray each side of the veneer until the mix penetrates the veneer.


Once the softener has been applied the veneer is then pressed between sheets of absorbent paper towels and sandwiched between two pieces of Melamine. I prefer to use Melamine as there is no chance of leaching of colour as there would be from MDF or other compressed board.


Place a weight on the Melamine to keep the veneer flat.


Change the paper towel over a couple of times in the first hour then every few hours for the first 12 hours. It is usually dry within 24hours.