Blackbutt Timber Veneer

Blackbutt Timber Veneer – Blackbutt (Eucalyptus pilularis) is found in coastal regions of New South Wales and Southern Queensland. It has warm earthy tones.  The heartwood colour ranges from golden yellow to pale brown with elements of soft pink.  It is an Australian hardwood and it has a very straight grain and even texture.

Blackbutt gets its name because the bottom of the tree is enclosed in a course, fibrous bark which has quite often been scorched from bushfires. This is in stark contrast to the upper trunk and branches, which are very smooth, and usually very light in colour. When the old bark is removed it reveals the yellowish-white bark underneath.  This is very often marked in squiggly lines left behind by insects. No two pieces are the same, which makes this Blackbutt timber veneer both gorgeous and unique.

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