Musk Timber Veneer

Musk Timber Veneer – Musk (Olearia argophylla) is a small understory tree.  Growing from 5-15m tall, it is the largest of the Tasmanian daisies.  It is found in the rainforests and wetter regions of Tasmania, New South Wales and Victoria.

The grain is mainly straight but it is renowned for its burl clusters and  large basal burls occurring near the base of the tree.  These can have quite deep figuring.  They are prized for their brown swirls that sometimes look like there are small faces or animals peering out of the wood. The colour is yellow to cream.

Burl Musk timber veneer can often be seen as inlay in Tasmanian wooden antiques. It produces a very intense lustre, figure and tight burl and is highly sought after by woodworkers.

Also known as Musk Daisybush, Musktree, Muskwood and Silvershrub

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