Qld Maple Timber Veneer

Qld Maple Timber Veneer – Queensland Maple (Flindersia brayleyana) is found in the northern Queensland rainforests between Townsville and the Windsor Tableland.  It is a medium sized tree and can grow up to 40m in height with a trunk girth of up to 2.5m.  The living maple does not record its age with growth rings.  The trunk is usually well formed, circular in cross-section and not buttressed.

The lustrous sheen of the pink to brownish-pink heartwood colour makes for a distinctive tree.  The sapwood is a narrow band of white to pale grey.  It has a unique grain that is sometimes interlocked and often wavy or curly.  It can also exhibit water wave, rib and birdseye figures.  Qld Maple timber veneer has a medium and uniform texture and finishes well.

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