Tiger Myrtle Timber Veneer

Tiger Myrtle Timber Veneer – Myrtle (Nothofagus cunninghamii) is an evergreen tree growing in temperate rainforests and alpine areas in Tasmania and Victoria.  It can grow up to 40m in height and is the dominant tree in Tasmania’s cool temperate rainforests. It is not related to the Myrtle family and is often referred to as Tasmanian Myrtle.

Tiger Myrtle is perhaps the rarest of the Myrtle colour decorations.  The “tiger stripe” of contrasting dark brown and black is caused by fungal discoloration. Tiger Myrtle timber veneer is most often produced from cull trees.  The most dominant tiger stripe is displayed in quarter sawn timber veneer.

Most Myrtle trees contain straight grained wood but some contain fiddle-back grain near the butt of the tree.  The older trees often have many surface burls.

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