Brazilian Rosewood Timber Veneer

Brazilian Rosewood Timber Veneer – Brazilian Rosewood (Dalbergia nigra) grows in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil. It can grow up to 40 metres tall with a trunk diameter of 1-1.2 metres.

The heartwood colour can vary from a dark chocolate brown to a light purplish or reddish brown.  It often has dark contrasting streaks. The sapwood is a light yellow and is clearly differentiated from the heartwood.

The texture is medium to coarse and the grain tends to be straight.  The grain can occasionally be interlocked, spiraled, or wavy.

This species is in high demand and limited supply and as such has been listed as endangered.  Our packs are old stock that have been in Australia for many years.

It is highly prized for use in furniture, cabinetry and musical instruments.

Also known as Bahia Rosewood, Rio Rosewood, Jacaranda and Palissander.

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