Timber Veneers - Imported

Timber Veneers – Imported – Have you seen our extensive imported timber veneer range?  Our stock includes veneers from species grown all over the world.  You’ll see gorgeous Silky Walnut from Papua New Guinea, with its distinctive striped appearance.  We have African Sapele which is a great substitute for Mahogany.  There is Rimu from New Zealand with its beautiful wood grain.  We also have Maple with its many grain features such as flame, quilted, curly and fiddleback.  Are you looking for Teak veneer or American Cherry or Walnut? How about Mahogany, Oak or even Zebrano with its zebra-like appearance? We also have, in limited supply, rare Brazilian Rosewood with its incredibly vibrant colours. Have a look at the Timber Veneers – Imported category in our online store.  We are continually adding to our stock.  You’re sure to find what you’re looking for.