Camphor Laurel Timber Veneer

Camphor Laurel Timber Veneer – Camphor Laurel (Cinnamomum camphora) is native to Taiwan, southern Japan, southeast China and Indochina.  The timber of the Camphor Laurel tree is a beautiful, rich honey-colour.  It is perfect for furniture, carving and cabinetry.  It can grow to around 20-30m in height.  The Camphor Laurel tree is considered a weed in Australia as it inhibits the growth of native vegetation.  Camphor Laurel timber is excellent for creating fine furniture.

Its heartwood colour can vary from pale to mid-brown.  Sometimes it is  streaked with dark brown, olive green and red.  The sapwood is very wide and pale brown.  The grain is usually interlocked with a moderately fine and even texture. All camphor laurel wood features the characteristic camphor smell that repels moths and other insects.  This makes it perfect for clothes storage cabinets.

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