Maple Sycamore Timber Veneer

Sycamore Maple Timber Veneer – Sycamore Maple (acer pseudoplatanus) is found in the UK, central and southern Europe and parts of Asia.  It can grow to a height of 40m and approximately 2m in diameter.

There is not much difference between the sapwood and heartwood colour.  Both are creamy white with a natural shine.  The texture is fine and even and it is usually straight grained.  Sometimes it can have a curly or wavy grain which produces a lovely fiddleback feature.

As a Tonewood it is used in musical instrument making.  It is commonly used for violin backs.  Sycamore Maple timber veneer is prized for use in furniture and can be dyed for marquetry and inlays.

Also known as Sycamore, Sycamore Plane, Great Maple or Plane.

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