Maple Timber Veneer

Maple Timber Veneer – Maple (Acer spp.) is found in Europe, North America and Asia.  There are around 132 different species.  Most Maples grow to a height of 10-45m tall.

The colour of Maple is usually creamy white to pink tinged and light yellow.  It ages to a deep pale gold colour.  The wood has a close fine texture and is generally straight grained.  Some Maple wood has a highly decorative grain.  This is known as flame, quilted, birdseye, curly, fiddleback or burl.  These decorative grains can be categorised further to crotch wood, bees wing, cats paw, old growth and mottled.

Maple timber veneer has a long history of use for furniture making.  It is the wood of choice for bowling pins, pool cue shafts, baseball bats and butcher blocks.  Maple is also considered a Tonewood and is used in numerous musical instruments.  Many guitars have maple necks, tops or veneers.

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