New Guinea Rosewood Timber Veneer

New Guinea Rosewood Timber Veneer – New Guinea Rosewood (Pterocarpus indicus) is found in South-East Asia.  It grows to around 40m in height with a diameter of up to 2m.

The heartwood colour varies from light yellow, through golden brown to brick red.  The grain is wavy, interlocked or crossed.  These irregularities cause mottle, fiddleback, ripple and curly figure markings.  It can also contain burrs.  Burrs are highly prized for furniture making.  Its texture is moderately fine to medium.  This is a vulnerable species and therefore only small amounts are imported to Australia.

New Guinea Rosewood timber veneer is highly sought after for use in high end joinery, furniture and cabinets.

Also known as Amboyna

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